Norton Setup and Installation process

Before starting to put in any form of Norton product that has been purchased from an internet shop or from retail save, you need to provide legitimate information to create a brand new account by means of visiting norton.Com/setup from an internet browser. If you’ve got purchased the Norton product from the reliable internet site, then you can make use of the prevailing Norton account initially the installation manner.

Norton presents the privilege to all their customers to try out their thirty days trial before everything and then continue further by way of subscribing to the security features of the same if at all they discover it to be suitable for his or her purposes.

Step wise guide for Downloading and Installation of Norton

  1. Open any web browser and visit 
  2. If you are an existing Norton customer, then click upon the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right corner to enter into your account
  3. If you are new to Norton or in a need to create a new account, then click upon the button that says ‘Create Account’ and enter valid details that are mentioned on-screen to complete the account creation process.
  4. After signing in, visit the ‘MY NORTON’ section to check with your recently subscribed Norton products and know about your order history as well
  5. Click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button to open up a new tab in your web browser hosting different Norton products and services related to them
  6. The benefits of each package shall be listed upon with the total subscription time period, number of devices that can utilize them and much more
  7. Based upon your preferences, choose any one of them
  8. Complete your purchase by providing valid credit card or debit card details in the next page
  9. After purchasing a subscription, the Norton product key to activate the product shall be mailed to the respective email account that you have provided to create a Norton account
  10. Now visit back to the ‘MY NORTON’ page to enter Norton setup product key
  11. Click upon ‘Enter Product Key’ button to enter Norton product key code to activate the Norton product
  12. After successfully entering the product key, you will be automatically transferred to the download page that has the Norton product activated with your preferred subscription plan
  13. Read through the ‘terms and conditions’ before clicking upon the ‘Agree and Download’ button
  14. If you are in a need to install the Norton product on a different device, then you can email the download link to the respective user by entering their email account to send over the link safe and secure.

After the installation file gets downloaded to your device, open it up and follow the instructions that are provided on-screen to complete the installation process and activate your subscribed premium package automatically as well.

Add Your Heading TexNorton setup for Android mobile device Here

If you are having an android cell or pill strolling tool, then you could download Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus app which could defend your files from getting affected by any online malware or virus.

Following is a brief guide to put in and prompt the Norton app on an android tool:

  1. Visit the ‘Google Play Store’ from your android mobile device and search for ‘Norton’ using the search bar
  2. From the desired result, select ‘Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus’
  3. Click upon the ‘Install’ button to start with the app installation process
  4. Open the app after it gets completely installed to the device
  5. Every new user to Norton app gets the privilege to use premium services for a period of thirty days
  6. Activate the free trial period by clicking on the ‘Use Premium for 30 days’ option on the top right corner
  7. Once the trial period ends, you can subscribe to premium features by selecting a package directly from the app itself.
  8. If you have purchased a subscription plan from an offline store or through a web browser, then you can redeem it by entering the Norton product key by clicking the ‘Redeem a Subscription’ button.
  9. Visit to clear common queries related to activating Norton app on your mobile device and take proper steps before meeting up with random errors.
  10. You can also dial up the tech support number and find valuable solutions by letting the professionals take care of the Norton installation or activation problem.

Norton Setup for PC

If you have got a PC, you have to download Norton on it to keep it from all kinds of safety breaches. With Norton mounted to your computer, your surfing and database could be absolutely secure.
You must comply with a chain of steps to setup Norton antivirus software to your computer. Before you believe you studied of Norton set up on your desktop, you ought to make certain that your computer laptop doesn’t have a protection software program other than Norton. It will save you viable conflicts in a while. You must additionally make certain which you don’t have any model of Norton already set up to your computer. If you find it,you should uninstall it first by using Norton Removal tool.

1. If you have an account with Norton, log in to it.
2. If you don’t have an active Norton account, you should create it first to log in.
3. When you successfully log in to Norton account, you’ll get to see a page of ‘Get Started’. There will be a button with the option of ‘Download Norton’ on it.
Note: If you have Norton product key not registered, register it by clicking the option for the same that will let you type in your product key.
4. A license agreement will show up. Select ‘Agree’ to initiate downloading.

Note: If more than Norton products are there on your account, you may select the made of your desire and down load it
by way of pressing ‘Next’.

5. Click the following buttons for downloading. 
   a. For Internet Explorer/MS Edge Browser – Run
   b. For Safari/Firefox – Double-click the downloaded file from ‘Downloads’ in a corner at right on the top.
   c. Chrome – Move your cursor to the left corner at the botton of screen and double-click the downloaded file of Norton.
6. When the file opens, follow the instructions on the screen to complete installation and activation of Norton Setup.

Norton Setup for iPhone/iPad

Norton Setup for iPhone/iPad

You have to follow the given series of steps for Norton setup on iPhone/iPad.

1. Sign-in to your active account on Norton through your iOS device by entering your registered email address and
password and selecting ‘Sign-in’.
2. There will be a ‘Get Started’ Window. You have to select the download option.
3. Choose the option of downloading it from app store. When the app store opens, tap ‘Get’ followed by ‘Install’.
4. Open the downloaded file. This will launch Norton setup on iPhone/iPad.
5. A license agreement will be present on the screen. Read it and ‘Accept’ it.
6. Select ‘Continue’ on the ‘Subscription Required’ page that follows.
7. Type in the registered email address and sign-in.

Norton Setup for iPhone/iPad

Support From Norton Team

The technical staff is periodically trained to discover a legitimate solution that may clear up queries sold to their interest via the toll-free number. The following is a listing of substantial services that are delivered to all the customers who generally tend to attain out to them in the first hand.

  • 24/7 available to hear and clear queries related to Norton product download, install and activation 
  • Budget-friendly services provided for all the customers, irrespective of the problem that has been hindering their Norton setup process
  • Quickly solving compatibility issues with any operating system 
  • Finding valid reasons behind facing Norton product key activation related issues
  • Removing previously installed security software through Norton removal tool.